You've found our website, you've seen our beautiful furniture, you've checked out hundreds of amazing customer reviews on social media, but who are F I INTERIORS Ltd and why should you buy from us?  

Well, firstly we'd encourage you to give us a call or send us an email/message. That’s one of the things we'd like to think makes us stand out. We love to talk to our customers. We are here to help answer any questions, give advice and in many cases just talk things though to help you make the best furniture purchase for your home.

You can call any of the F I INTERIORS Ltd Family 5 days a week. You won't get pushy sales tactics and you won't feel rushed oft phone if you’re not buying there and then. We understand your home is one of the things you should be most proud of, so we understand making the right purchase is important one.

And once you've purchased you will get an email instantly. Our orders team will give you a call to confirm your order. We are always on hand to talk you through delivery options and any further help you may need. 

This all started as a passion project, and although F I INTERIORS Ltd is now one of the fastest growing bespoke furniture companies in the UK, what founded this project in the first place has been the reason for continued growth ever since. 

The whole point in what we do is this.... You love your home, you spend most of your life living in it. So, it should be your own little oasis, something to be proud of?

But there were 3 problems...  

Firstly, you had your larger High Street retailers that sell great furniture for all needs, but let’s face it, we've all walked into a neighbours or friends house, excited to tell them about your recent purchase, only to see the same table, vase or bed you purchased last week! Annoying! You want your home to be yours, not the same as everyone else's...

Second issue - Traditionally Bespoke, high end furniture has been extremely expensive! Way out of the price bracket for us hard working people that just can’t spend £2000 on a new bed and £10,000 on a new sofa! No matter how much you loved the furniture, it was just too expensive....

Third Issue - the 'too good to be true purchase!' The one you've seen that’s so much cheaper than everyone else you just can't believe it’s true... And let’s face it... Often it isn't. What turns up is something quite different... And Ooops, you didn't read the fine print.

No returns or even worse no reply! 

.... And that’s where F I INTERIORS Ltd came in. A Passion to provide what was initially just friends and family with High End Quality, bespoke furniture at great prices! Quickly turned into a social media sensation. We don't sell cheap furniture, we don't sell overpriced furniture. We sell well made quality furniture, at fair prices. Prices that allow our customers in time to design a home they have always dreamt of and love spending time in. 

Having now provided bespoke fit outs for many of the UK's most popular celebrities and fashionistas, the founder and designer of our furniture, Malik, felt passionately about bringing that High-End Glamour to the general public’s domain. 

The company’s core values and mission is pushed through by her belief that everyone deserves to feel good about their home, and themselves!

"Furniture, and your home are a direct reflection of you. It's also the place you spend the most time in throughout the course of your life! So why shouldn't that reflection be fabulous! "

We have amazing pieces for all shapes and sizes of homes, and strive to bring to market the highest quality products, at prices that are affordable.

"Our collections give our customers the opportunity to create a gorgeous interior look, in any room. One that they can be proud of, and be the envy of their friends and family!

We deliver a personal, professional service! We will do everything in our power to make your purchase a simple and enjoyable one.

Join our long list of subscribers and get Monthly discount codes to use on all our items!!

Remember, we are easy to speak to. So jump onto the website or give us a call today!