F I INTERIORS Ltd is one of the fastest growing furniture retailers in the UK. Our Customer satisfaction drives our company growth. We see ourselves as a high profile company providing quality products. Our stream of satisfied customers continues to grow rapidly as F I INTERIORS Ltd remains dedicated to resourcefulness in our approach to improving quality and continued future growth in providing the latest modern and contemporary furniture. 

We currently have Employment Opportunities in following areas 

Sales Assistants 
Sales Representatives 
Web Marketing 
Web Design 
Search Engine Optimization 
Furniture Packers 
Furniture Restoration

Furniture Upholsterers

Furniture Frame Maker

Sewing Specialist


As there is a growing demand for our products we have plans to open showrooms across the globe in the future, which would create thousands of jobs. If you want to be part of a successful team and look forward to a brighter future then please send your CV to